Hitachi high speed trains begin in UK

Hitachi high speed trains begin in UK

Hitachi’s Javelin train began UK high speed rail’s first domestic service last week. The trains travel at 225 kph between Kent and London using the under-utilized tracks built for the Eurostar Chunnel trains to Paris and Brussels. Travel time will be cut in half.

It is a great first step for Britain’s domestic high speed rail program, and welcome news for my fellowship sponsor Hitachi. Perhaps more Britains will become enthusiastic about high speed rail with this launch. And maybe it will influence its former colonies, including the United States, which is even further behind in high speed rail.

Hitachi’s environmental technologies include high speed rail, smart grids and wind power.


  1. WOW
    Brilliant, can’t wait to go on it. But why isn’t it coming into Birmingham is it a typical ‘North of Watford Gao’ thing again.

    1. I believe that this high speed rail is using the tracks and excess capacity of the Chunnel route. I heard that high speed rail will be extended to Northern England in ten to twenty years: it takes a lot of money and time to build these systems. At least England is far ahead of the US on this.

      What do British people think about the recent Chunnel disaster? It’s unimaginable that Japan’s bullet trains would abandon passengers for 15 hours in a tunnel with no lights, water, toilets, or information. You should hear the apologies start when the train is merely 2 minutes late!

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