Tsukudajima: nature and history

Tsukudajima canal

Next to Tsukishima is Tsukudajima, a tiny island that escaped the earthquake, war and high rise redevelopment. While not all of the houses have been preserved, the scale and and small alleys have been. Walking there today, you can see residents still fishing, visit a beautiful old shrine Sumiyoshi Jinja, buy tsukudani (fish boiled in miso sauce) from Edo-era stores, and attend annual obon and omatsuri festivals.

Tsukudajima old streetscape

This August there will be a special omatsuri festival that happens only once every 50 years. See the government website for more information: http://tsukuda.chuo.tokyo.jp/

Special omatsuri Tsukudajima poster

More photos after the jump.

Tsukudajima moss canal

Ten yasu, a tsukudani shop, has been in business for 170 years.

Ten yasu Tsukudajima tsukudani shop Ten yasu Tsukudajima tsukudani shop

This ancient umbrella rack, outside a sento, seems to be a historic relic.

Tsukudajima ancient umbrella rack

For my walking tour of Tsukdajima, I relied heavily on Enbutsu Sumiko’s amazing “Discover Shitamachi” book from 1984.After 25 years, it is still a wonderful resource in English for old Tokyo.

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