Metropolis article on Tokyo Green Space

Metropolis magazine article on Tokyo Green Space

Metropolis magazine in Japan published my article on Tokyo Green Space. It’s my first general interest article on some of the amazing green space innovators I have met during my research in Tokyo: including Ginza rice farmers and bee keepers, a modern bonsai teacher, native plant landscapers, a firefly habitat project, and the world’s largest “green curtain” outside of a local government office.

Blog readers will be familiar with these topics from posts about Kobayashi Kenji of Sinajina, Tase Michio of 5bai Midori, Iimura Kazuki of Ginza Farm and Omotesando Farm, Takayasu Kazuo and Tanaka Atsuo at Ginza Honey Bee Project, Professor Suzuki Makoto of the Tokyo University of Agriculture, and Suginami Ward’s giant green curtain.

Metropolis magazine article on Tokyo Green Space

The online layout is perhaps even better than the print version, and Metropolis was a pleasure to work with. Here’s a short link:


  1. Tons o’ congrats! It’s a great article. So glad to see Kobayashi Sensei at Shinajina included. I had not seen the “curtain” before either. At first glance I was thinking “kudzu”?! 😉 Just great! おめでとう!

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