Vertical garden using ceramic pots

Omotesando vertical garden using ceramic pots

Just off Omotesando on Aoyama Dori is a three story vertical garden of ivy growing in giant ceramic pots. The load bearing structure must have added something to the cost, but the ceramic pots and ivy create a simple and low-cost vertical garden.

Vertical garden using ceramic pots

The garden wall is on the side of an office tower, and adds greenery and some whimsy while blocking the view of a concrete wall forming the side of the neighboring building. It also frames the side of the underground garage entrance.

Vertical garden using ceramic pots


  1. Interesting setup.. I wonder how hard this design is to water. Does it just rely on rain water? It’s a good idea, though. It looks like a relatively inexpensive vertical garden setup

    1. The vines are pretty low-cost and low-maintenance. However I imagine the steel structure on which the pots are hanging must be strong and not insignificant cost.

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