FarmVille, an addiction to virtual farming

Farmville, an addiction to virtual farming

Can anyone comment on this recent story about FarmVille? Apparently, Farmville is Facebook’s most popular application with 62 million users since it started this June. Like the Sims or Tamagotchi pets, players must carefully tend to their virtual worlds, in this case crops, farm animals and neighbors. Created in San Francisco, this game is popular with city people and farmers from around the world.


  1. I know a few folks that play this… I had no idea 62 million people were on it though. Amazing adoption rate… did the folks behind this struck a chord in the public or what?

    I guess my main concern with this kind of stuff is that it distracts people from life and making real personal progress. Maybe that’s why they are so popular? People sure do love their bread and circuses.

    If that’s true I better head for the hills sooner than later before someone suddenly unplugs their stability by pulling out their energy IV drip.

    1. Thank you, Michael, for your comment. Farm simulators are not for everyone, and I can’t say I have tried them yet.

      Julie in Japan, a popular foreign blogger in Japan, reports that it is big in Japan. She cites Harvest Moon as the most popular, along with Facebook apps like FarmVille, myFarm, and FarmTown. She also brings up the popularity of Happy Farms in China, which has restricted use to 2 million people per day, which has people logging in during the middle of the night to protect their crops from thieves.

      Here’s Julie’s post:

  2. I am an architect and farm designer, and got hooked on FarmVille last winter. It could actually be used as an education tool as crop planning and timing is key. They do occasional tie-ins with farms, were advertising a Washington state blueberry company for awhile with a “seed special”. I have had guests visit my Mt Fuji farm all the way from Singapore, because a child got interested in farming through the game. Would be great to bring them a proposal to fold in some education and connection with sustainable agriculture npos, aid organization, producers etc. Zynga, the parent company recently opened an office in Tokyo.

    1. Thanks, Jacob. I’ve been wanting to visit your Earth Embassy. Maybe when it gets warmer. It’s interesting that you’ve enjoyed virtual and real farming. I wonder how Zynga will do in Japan since Facebook’s not so popular here.

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