Balcony garden in early November

Balcony garden view of Mt Fuji

With cooler nights, fall is definitely upon us. I took these photos in the first week of November to document the passing of the seasons on our balcony garden. Above a dramatic sunset over Mt Fuji illuminates the very end of the morning glory green curtain. As you can see in the photo below, there are still many flowers, including cosmos, murasaki shikibu, cyclamen, geranium, fujibakama, a creamy daisy, and a few other annuals.

Balcony garden in early November

One of the satoyama unit‘s plant is flowering now, while some of the deciduous plants are dropping their leaves.

Blossom on satoyama unit from 5bai midori

The black pine bonsai I assembled at Kobayashi Kenji Sensei’s class at Sinajina is doing well.

black pine bonsai from Kobayashi Kenji Sensei's class at Sinajina

And we put the ojizō-sama made at the ceramic studio into one of the satoyama units.

Ojizō-sama in satoyama unit

More photos of fall plants, including lemon tree, ceramics, and more images of the satoyama units after the jump.

Satoyama unit

Above is the smaller satoyama unit, which sits on a low shelf. In the bottom right you can see the small flower that is highlighted in this post’s second photo.

Satoyama unit

The larger satoyama unit rests on the balcony floor, and some of the leaves are dropping for winter. Below is the Saipan lemon tree, which still has two lemons. The fruit remains green even when ripe. I made the large ceramic pot last year at this time.

Saipan lemon tree


  1. Lovely pictures.. especially the first one.. 🙂
    I wonder if cosmos still blooming in early-mid November.. I’m planning to visit Tokyo in that month..
    I would love to see cosmos field in HItachi seaside park, Ibaraki.. but the website say that cosmos can be enjoyed until late October..
    Do you know when cosmos finished blooming in Tokyo? Is there a different time of cosmos blooming between Tokyo and Ibaraki?
    Thank you.. 🙂

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