Pecha Kucha presentation

Wednesday I presented Tokyo Green Space at Pecha Kucha in Tokyo in front of almost 300 designers, artists and creative types. The biggest crowd pleaser was the photo of the still life of salary man in a flower bed.

I presented half in Japanese and half in English; it was good practice but a little nerve-testing to talk about my research in Japanese.

I was overwhelmed that so many friends came to the presentation, including Shu, Matthew, Katy, Izumi, Shinobu, Shige, Takako, Hagiwara, Mike (TM), Taka, Alban, Claudia, Umeki, Ben, Jesper, and Hannah. Many thanks to Mark Dytham, Astrid Klein and Tomoko for inviting me to participate!


  1. The two presentations I like the most were yours and the one about Eco-halo. Funny to see that both presentations were about projects that try to reconnect city-dwellers with their environment.

    It was great to give your talk in both languages ! Japanese people sitting next to me were saying “woows” and “ahhhh” to acknowledge your kind effort.

    I knew about your blog before going to PK and I simply hope that the audience will not only remember the “sleeping-on-green salaryman” ! Tokyo Green Space is so much more than that ! 😉

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I, too, really enjoyed EcoHalo. I am sorry that my Japanese is not better, but I think it’s important to create a truly bilingual community. English-only is not good.

      I am curious where you learned about Tokyo Green Space, and appreciate your enthusiasm for this project. I am always welcoming of guest contributors, so please feel free to send something in that you observe or think about. In French is also OK! Thank you.

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