Wild parrots in Hiroo

Walking on a small street in Hiroo, in central Tokyo, we heard a strange noise and saw some people staring at a persimmon tree. On closer examination, we saw that there was a flock of wild green parrots gathered in this tree. The green on orange colors perched on a leaf-less tree is sublime.

I have seen wild parrots throughout San Francisco, and there was even a movie about them. I didn’t realize that Tokyo was warm enough for them to survive outdoors. I wonder how many there are.

Speaking with a woman recently about urban ecology, she told me that she enjoys city bird-watching. It made me realize that bird-watchers, particularly those who enjoy their hobbies in the city, can be an important voice for improving urban landscapes and habitats. Maybe urban bird-watchers are analogous to surfers who have been active in the clean ocean movement.


    1. I had no idea how popular city parrots are world-wide. Thank you for suggesting your cityparrots flickr pool. I have added these two images.

  1. Wild Bird Society of Japan (WBSJ) was founded in 1934 and has 47,000 members.


    More information in English:


    Mission of the organisation

    * Conservation of birds
    * Education about protection of birds
    * Promotion of research and surveys on birds

    Key Activities

    Head Office

    * Membership recruitment support
    * Running 11 Wildlife Sanctuaries
    * Promoting birdwatching and nature education
    * National conservation activities (related to the governmental issues)
    * Publications (membership newsletter, field guides)
    * Fundraising and general administration
    * WING (The WBSJ International Center for Wild Birds and Nature of the Globe)
    * National and international research
    * International conservation

    Also, there is an agreement between Japan and Australia since 1974 to protect migratory birds:

    JAMBA provides for cooperation between Japan and Australia on measures for the management and protection of migratory birds, birds in danger of extinction, and the management and protection of their environments, and requires each country to take appropriate measures to preserve and enhance the environment of birds protected under the provisions of the agreement.

  2. I live in the Netherlands where we also have a huge colony of these beautiful birds, I have seeing them throughout Northern Europe, at first hwen I arrived here from Brazil I thought they could not possibly survive here given the cold winters, but they simply thrive!!! I have done a bid of research and found out this particular species comes from the Himalayas and are not afraid of cold wheather, they are called Indian Rose-ringed Parakeets, I might be wrong but I think this might be the same one as those in tokyo.

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