Ho Chi Minh City loses 50% of green space in 11 years

Ho Chi Minh City’s Park and Greenery Office reports a 50% loss of green space in the past 11 years. Blame is attributed to developers ignoring city requirements for green space. The calculation includes parks, flower gardens, and road-side plants.

There are some interesting statistics. Currently there is .7 square meters of green space per person in the 7 million person city. The city’s goal is 4 to 5 square meters per person. The World Health Organization has set a global standard of 8 square meters per person.

This story illustrates the rapid rate of urbanization in Asia, the importance of green space as a health issue, and the difficulties of balancing urban development and human health.


    1. That’s odd you would think my post is about blame. Green spaces improve urban life. I am optimistic that development and habitat can co-exist, and that ordinary residents’ passion for plants and wildlife is the key to re-making our cities.

  1. As your website has informed before, Tokyo has a long history and culture of gardening (largely by commoners), which has helped greening efforts in the present time. The solution for Ho Chi Minh City might be to create a culture that makes Vietnamese to realize and even enjoy green space. In a long run, having plenty of green spaces is crucial for Vietnamese’s “survival.”

    1. Thank you, Shu. Tokyo has a long popular gardening history, which demonstrates that bottom-up greening can be extremely effective despite urban policy and design failures. I agree with you that survival is about creating a balance between nature and human activity.

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