Ceramic studio’s new website

My in-laws have been teaching ceramics in Tokyo for over 30 years. I recently helped them relaunch the website for their Shiho ceramic school in Suginami. Please have a look. The website is in Japanese, but very visual. The classes attract an interesting mix of first timers and serious hobbyists, Japanese and foreigners.

Several students have developed their skills over five years or more and have solo shows. Everyone participates in an annual student show, as well as special events like climbing Mount Fuji in the summer, bizen pottery in Numazu (wood fired ovens), bowling parties, and mochi-making parties.

For me, pottery has been a way to experience Japan’s famous soil, and to create dozens of flower pots for my balcony garden. In addition to the pottery wheel, you can make pottery through hand forming and shaving, or through forming slabs and using molds. Pottery is fun and connects students with each other and the earth.

The website illustrations are by Kuge Shu.


  1. Hello, thank you for sharing the story about Shiho ceramic school in Suginami. I had few questions regarding the school and was wondering if we could connect via email. That would be great, thanks in advance! Ruslan

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