Crows in Tokyo

Crows are everywhere in Tokyo. And they are larger than their US cousins. Many people complain about their aggressiveness and ability to recognize people. Several people have asked me how the urban habitat can repel them, and some urban beekeepers claim that bees chase away crows.

A colleague recently told me about Lyanda Haupt’s recent book, Crow Planet: Essential Wisdom from the Urban Wilderness. I am curious how this wildlife naturalist succeeds in humanizing a bird that most wish were gone.

My colleague reminded me that crows are one of the few urban wildlife that walk on two legs like humans. It’s also funny that in Tokyo, salarymen and the constant black suits are often referred to as crows.

One comment

  1. I love the crows of Tokyo! on my first trip there i was surprised by the amount of them around the city. For me they lend a real surprising gothic feel to the city… and the 3 ubiquitous sounds of Tokyo through my experience would be: the trains, scooters, and the crow. by the way – great site!

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