Harajuku flower pot wall are more grandma than hipster

Most people think of Harajuku as being either luxury fashion or teen hipsters. But plenty of Harajuku is comprised of small streets, old houses, and long-term residents. I like how this garden is created entirely from flower pots lifted just off the street and hanging from the cinder block wall. That’s a lot of flowers for one tiny space.


  1. I admire the way those pots of flowers cover the generic and ugly concrete wall, simultaneously, blurring a bit the boundary between the public and the private. As your research always suggests, a small effort like this could make a big improvement on the overall urbane aesthetics (that is, the quality of life).

  2. 壁に掛けられた植木鉢の花たちが暖かみの全くないコンクリートの壁を隠し、それだけでなく、同時に公共と個人の境界線を少しなくしている。いつもこの『Tokyo Green Space』の研究が提案し続けてきたことですが、このような小さな活動が都市全体の生活を意味あるものにしていくのだと思います。

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