Eating balcony-grown watermelon

In San Francisco, my garden is shaded and the cold summer makes growing vegetables very difficult. It’s been fun this summer to grow a variety of vegetables in our sunny high-rise balcony in Tokyo. This weekend I harvested and ate my first home-grown watermelon.

It looks big in the photo above, no? Actually, the two fruit that formed were not much bigger than oranges. I kept hoping that they would get a bit bigger, but finally I decided to harvest them.

Here’s what it looked like cut open. It was very sweet and just right for one person.

To get a sense of the scale, you can see the two watermelons paired with a single cucumber below. The cucumber seems to go from tiny baby to full-size in just one week. It’s been a great summer vegetable, probably the most successful plant in the balcony farm. (There’s also eggplant, some very stunted corn, and 4 lemons).


  1. こんなちょっとした収穫でも、自分でそだてた果物や野菜を食べることは楽しいですよね!

  2. Love this post – and really suprised at the size… I’m off to Chiba next week to harvest the watermelon I requested that my son’s friend raise for us….hopefully next year I will gather the courage to grow my own!

    1. Thanks, sysia. I just used a regular starter plant from the home center. As I wrote, the watermelons turned out small but it was fun trying it on the balcony. Where do you live?

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