Building around existing trees

After watching my neighbor’s home and then garden get scarped to dirt last week, it’s great to see a cafe like this one at Waseda’s Okubo campus where the new building adapts itself to the existing mature trees. With very limited space, much longer than deep, the campus was able to add a narrow cafe that is mostly counter space with views of the sidewalk and street. I like how modern and adaptive this architecture is.


  1. Wow, seriously cool concept. I was impressed with the uniqueness of the closeup, but looking at the other shot, I was surprised to see it done around other trees. Not just caring about statement architecture, they really care about the trees. I’m sure the cafe customers love this natural awning too.

  2. Yea! That’s great! I am not surprise at the design or the thought of accommodation for the tree. About 17 years ago a former mentor designed his house based on acommodating a tree, I wasn’t surprise then either, my thought was simple… This is a person who cares about his/environment and air. That’s wonderful but it is rare to find people like that now-a- days! 🙂

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