Hanging plant decorates fence in front of empty lot

I like how someone has hung this simple plant, commonly called “wandering Jew” in the United States, on the fence in front of this empty lot. The lot has been empty for at least two years, a long time between demolition and reconstruction. The fence occasionally changes, but it was especially nice to see some plant decoration.

In the context shot below, you can also see that someone planted a simple hedge on the right side. My guess is that both of these plant interventions– one in the ground, the other secured by a simple S-hook– were created by neighbors who are getting tired of seeing the empty lot and its weeds. I admire this anonymous, small contribution to the neighborhood.


  1. I’ve seen this too, not in the city but the countryside. I lived in (back then) shin-tanabe cho in Kyoto, after moving when the neighborhood I was in was razed for a new road to Kanasia International Airport. It was a new housing development, so new houses going up every where and a lot of empty lots. All of the neighbors planted annuals to pretty up the space. They could have lived with construction rubble and dirt lots but it wasn’t that much effort to make it pretty and was enjoyed by everyone.

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