Bright yellow bush is favorite in Tokyo rainy season


Biyou yanagi (ビョウヤナギ) is the perfect Tokyo rainy season bush. The flowers radiate with color when the sky is often overcast. Each flower produces dozens of delicate stamen that catch the smallest breeze, and the bush overall seems very hardy for urban life, with very attractive leaves. I think its Latin name is Hypericum monogynum. This one’s growing in the section of my apartment building garden that an elderly couple takes care of.

Does this bush grow in your city?


  1. Hello Jared,

    this bush used to grow abundantly in the street where I grew up, in Almere, The Netherlands. In dutch it’s called hertshooi (deer straw).

    warm regards,


    1. Thanks, Hester. I am amazed at what can grow in NL. It seems like the entire world of horticulture always passes through the Netherlands!

  2. In Sweden we have some varieties of Hypericum. They grow not exactly in the streets but in sunny places with meagre soil, which may be very near the streets! In Swedish we call it johannesört (St John’s herb).

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