Creative use of sidewalk to grow bitter melon awning


Directly across from the University of Tokyo, I was delighted to see this green awning of bitter melon (also known as goya) growing up the guard rail and then over the sidewalk. The restaurant owner or manager is using a very narrow space to grow the vegetable, and then extending it with simple nets into a canopy. Once across the sidewalk, the goya forms a very tidy green curtain for the second floor window, providing some shade in this hot and humid summer.


  1. Very pretty. I know the couple who run the restaurant very well as I grew up near by. It must be a good year for you as you can see interesting ‘green’ efforts more than usual.

    1. Thanks, Nozomi, for your comment. Tokyo can be such a small city. Do you know if the restaurant owners have always grown goya out front, or were they motivated by this year’s energy savings? I am amazed at how popular green curtains have become this summer!

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