Purple princess blooming on balcony

ベランダにこの色がとてもきれいです。この花は英語で「purple princess 紫姫」という名前です。日本語で「シコンノボタン 紫紺野牡丹」と言います。もともとブラジルの雨林から来ました。けれども、東京でもサンフランシスコでも育ちます。

Known botanically as Tibouchina urvilleana, I’ve always heard this plant referred to as “purple princess.” Originally from Brazil, it’s been called tropical, subtropical and “neotropical.” Despite its origin in rain forests, it grows well not only in Tokyo but also in San Francisco.

It’s taken me a while to get my small potted shrub to bloom, but I am glad I kept trying. I love the color.

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