More unknown fruit


These fruit, too, also quickly appeared and then they were gone. The short tree is extremely thorny, and the fruit look like apples. I wonder if they are edible.

Thanks to Janet at Suiseki Art for the help with yesterday’s Chinese quince or “karin” in Japanese.


  1. I’m pretty sure this is what we call “Japanese flowering quince”. I think also you can make nice jelly from it. (I’m not a jelly-maker mind you so you should consult someone who knows 🙂 In any event, it makes a wonderful decorative hedge, with lovely blooms. Some varieties are spring-flowering, and some, such as chojubai, seem to have multiple bloom times.

    I’m not clear if the Japanese name “boke” is the name for the plant, or only for one particular variety. I think the latter however.

    You will commonly see very old (and quite valuable) bonsai of this type of tree in the major bonsai shows.


    1. Thanks Megumi-san for the recipe and the suggestion for the throat drink with quince honey. Sounds delicious & beneficial!

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