Sterile corporate landscape lights up briefly in fall


In contrast to yesterday’s photo, here is a small row of maples, in full fall glory, lined up behind a corporate building on Road 246 in Aoyama. Corporate landscapes often look sterile and bare. This is all the more ironic since their purpose is to present the appearance of life.

This one seems all the more lacking because it borders the lush mix of garden and wildness surrounding the 1960s Aoyama danchi housing project. For a brief moment in fall, these trees are looking their best.


  1. Hi Jared,

    I’m a big fan of your blog and I wanted to ask if you have any updates on the Umi no Mori project you mentioned in 2009?

    1. Thank you, Sharad! I’m glad you asked. I took part in a tree-planting day there last month, and will post photos and a short story about it soon. Are you involved with Umi no Mori, or have any information to share? Thank you for following my blog.

      1. Great to hear that the project is getting along nicely. I’ll be looking forward to your update. Unfortunately, I’m not involved in any way with Umi no Mori, living as I am in Mumbai! I was just curious about it, as a key component of the Tokyo 10 Year Plan.

        I accidentally stumbled on your blog early this year and must confess I’ve been addicted for several months now! Please keep it up.

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