Participating in Shibaura House’s Eat and See Green

来週の土曜日の5月19日、SHIBAURA HOUSE の「たべるみどり みるみどり」のキックオフイベントに参加します。子供たちのために種爆弾のワークショップ、グリーンカーテンとグリーン階段の作り方のワークショップ、そして片山陽介さんとトークイベントをします。興味があれば、是非来てください。

Next Saturday, May 19, I’ll be participating at the kick-off of Shibaura House’s two month Eat and See Green program. I am leading a workshop for kids to create seed bombs, helping plant a green curtain and staircase at Shibaura House, and talking on stage with Katayama Yousuke (片山陽介). The events are low-cost and open to the public!


  1. Hi Jared,
    Is there a way to follow your blog with RSS reader? And one more question, Where is Shibaura House located, I’d love to attend the workshop? Thanks!

    1. Adohrenwend, I’ve added an RSS widget to the right side column below the Twitter feed. Thank you for asking me about it. Shibaura House is near Tamachi station on the Yamanote train in Tokyo. I link to their site, and you can find a map there.

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