Interview in the Japan Times about Tokyo Green Space

Japan Timesという日本で一番大きい英語新聞に、Tokyo Green Space のインタビューが出ました。丸井の屋上の庭でインタビューが行われて、ちょうどその時、店員さんが芝生に掃除機をかけていました。都市生活と自然が完璧にミックスしてました。

The Japan Times, Japan’s largest English language newspaper, published an interview about Tokyo Green Space online and in print. The interview took place on Marui’s roof garden, and when we met there, a staff member was vacuuming the lawn. A perfect mix of city life and gardening. I hope you find the interview interesting.

Here’s the print version of the newspaper, where the blogroll interview is positioned on the “Techno Times” page. You can click to make it larger.


  1. Jared,

    It’s been great reading your blog and learning about all of the green initiatives happening in Tokyo. Great write up in Japan Times!

    We recently had a great green initiative start here on the ward level in Koganei that we have been pretty excited to be a part of. We can bring our kitchen scraps for composting once a week to a local school. Our scraps are weighed and recorded. The composting machine is unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s large and silver and looks a bit like an incinerator.

    This week when we brought our kitchen scraps, they gave us a bag of fertilizer pellets made from the compost! We were really excited. We also found out that our local JA (Japan Agriculture) store sells produce that has been grown using the composted soil from the same program. We are really loving being able to compost for the first time while living in an apartment as our adventures in vermiculture previously had failed!

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