How long will this abandoned wood house last?


In front of our apartment building is this picturesque but abandoned wooden house. It’s beautiful, but I don’t think it will be there for long. On the main street, I watched an old liquor store turn into a 7-Eleven convenience store in less than 1 month.


  1. So whats the deal with property ownership in japan? Who owns the land when A property is abandoned? The city, or a bank? I follow on youtube, and he spots a lot of abandoned homes, farms, etc.
    and once talked about how much a home in the country or city would cost.
    I fantasize about buying up a spot of land in japan and having a home there.
    So if I wanted to migrate to japan and buy up, for example, that abandoned house, and restore it, who would I need to talk to how would I start?

    1. Tokyo is said to have the largest number of property owners of any city. Many of these tiny lots have been subdivided into small apartment buildings and townhouses, as the property passes from one generation to the next.

      Inheritance tax is often the trigger for real estate change, so I expect this owner won’t sell while he or she’s alive. On the other hand, I am sure you can look up the property owner’s name and try to contact him or her.

      In the meantime, this wood house is more valuable to the neighborhood in its abandoned glory, supporting a lot of plants, than it would be if it were paved over and used for hourly car parking.

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