A long line waits at shrine to give an offering at festival


Omiya Hachiman shrine is near where my husband grew up in Suginami ward. It’s also next to a beautiful green corridor that follows the Zenpukuji river.  I love the elegant building, and all the decorations including the purple cloth with Edo crests, the red and white stripes, the rope and lightning bolts, and the big lanterns.

One comment

  1. I have noticed when I watch films or dramas from Japan that so many shrines are set in just the loveliest green locations, even some urban ones feel like you stepped into a woody place. I wish my church(es) had as lovely a setting as some of those shrines, where it just invites you to contemplate the natural and unspoiled, meditate, pray, just relax. Anyway, always enjoy seeing the photos of green-in-urban-ways, even if I’m not always commenting. Your love of plants and trees and green things so reminds me of my mom, who had an uber-green-thumb, which I sadly did not inherit. Later…

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