Gorgeous lettuce shows edibles can be very ornamental in small spaces


How do you have room to grow food on a small balcony? I particularly love edibles that are also super ornamental. This lettuce looks and tastes great! It’s from the United Nations University farmers market stall that specializes in heirloom vegetables. It’s been easy to grow during winter.

One comment

  1. I am mad for organic heirloom tomatoes. I only discovered them a couple years back, and those that have a sort of brown coloring are my faves. Delicious! My brother has just started getting the veggie/lettuce growing bug. It’s so great to have salads at his house now, as he grows them in his backyard, along with the pigeon peas, papaya, avocado, and mango he’s grown for years. Now, it’s “greens” time. 😀 Makes me wanna have my own full-fledged organic lettuces and herbs garden of my own, with maybe a lemon tree to make dressings. 😀 Enjoy your goodies!!

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