Atami, a nearby onsen town uses nature characters to appeal to tourists



These woodchucks with their ice cream cones and hair ribbons are irresistible. I also like the heavily shadowed angel fish which decorates a car parking tower also sponsored by “Happy & Sunlight” pachinko. With the ease of public transportation from Tokyo, I imagine Atami is ripe for reinvention for the post-automobile young people.



  1. Is Atami mainly a resort/onsen destination or does it in fact work as a bedroom community? It certainly has some nice qualities to it to it and looks dense enough to support some good service,,,

    1. Yes, Atami has been a hot spring and ocean resort since Edo. It’s featured in the 1950s movie Tokyo Story. The fast commute could make it a bedroom community for Tokyo, but buying bullet train tickets every day is costly.

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