I received the last morning glory flower of the year, by air mail



I have been in San Francisco the past two months for work, so it was a great pleasure to receive this letter from home. Inside is the very last balcony morning glory flower of this year. I love that the stamps are morning glory and butterfly. “Open it slowly.”



  1. I’m a Environmental Studies Student at San Francisco State University and I enjoy your blog. I believe it gives a nice calming view on Japanese culture that you don’t easily see in most popular media depicting Japan. If you are still going to be in town next week, would you like to meet at a coffee shop and chat? I would enjoy hearing about your current work, your past projects, and how you came to live in Japan. Please email me if you are interested. Enjoy your stay in SF!

    1. Hi David, It’s always great to hear from readers of this blog, especially students and young people. Because many photos on this blog are film photographs, the photos and entries often appear one or two months after the image was taken. I am already back in Tokyo! But expect some more San Francisco photos and entries, too.

      1. OK! Hope you had fun in SF!
        Would it be possible to delete my first comment so my email address isn’t visible? I couldn’t figure out how to send a private message. Thanks!

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