Can stylish seed bombs make better neighbors?


種爆弾を使って、お隣がよくなるでしょうか? カリフォルニア・ススキと野草の種の入った種爆弾を隣の庭に投げ入れました。何も生えていなくて、さびしいので。パッケージと成分表がなかなか素敵でしょう?

My San Francisco neighbor is an absentee landlady, who grows nothing but weeds in her back yard. After some pre-watering, i threw two seed bombs over our fence. I wonder if these wildflowers and grasses will sprout?

I love the packaging and the ingredient list.



  1. Interesting question… these seedbombs look much more responsible than many I’ve seen, which are put together without a thought about native/invasive issues. Have you heard about the recent controversy surrounding seed bomb CD packaging being seized by Australian customs, I think it was of Katy Perry’s CD’s?

    1. I agree. Plant selection is key. Not just for environment but also for audience. I created this seed bomb for Tokyo kids last spring. It’s a balance of what you think would add to a public landscape, and also what will excite those who’ve never made one before. The kids were especially excited to plant watermelon.

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