Month: August 2014

Would you lie down and let this crazy BMX rider jump over you?



More than 16 people lined up side by side on the ground, and allowed this crazy BMX rider to jump over them. Like bike rodeo, for me it was much more fun to watch and photograph than to risk injury. Sometimes watching is best.

jump4_pedal_day_yoyogi_park jump2_pedal_day_yoyogi_park

It’s like beer but better

ビールみたいだけれど、もっと美味しいと思います。「Bicycle Coffee」という自転車で運んでくるコーヒー売店はタップからコーヒーを出します。

I love how Bicycle Coffee in Tokyo serves coffee from a tap.

Would you mess with this guy at the bike rodeo?


モダンな中世の騎士みたいでしょう。初めて、「チャリローディー」を観察しました。ローディーには、頭に紙風船をつけて、巻いた新聞で相手の風船を打ち落とします。この「Pedal Day」というイベントは、いつもクリエイティブなMedia Surfが企画しました。

It was my first bike rodeo. It seems the idea is to put these paper balloons on your head, and then use a roll of newspaper to whack other competitors’ balloons. All while riding in a tight pen. This was in Yoyogi Park, organized by Media Surf as Pedal Day.


Still no monkeys on Tokyo balcony



Compared to one month earlier, the banana is bigger, and the green curtain thicker.

Have you seen Shibuya station lately?



The old station has been demolished, and a cluster of new skyscrapers will rise. According to developer signs around the site, completion will be in 2027.

Dressed like human gift packages at Shibuya station


Is it the ribbon tied in the back? Summer yukatas are the best. Maybe not the most practical clothing, but certainly stylish and elegant. I momentarily forgot I was at Shibuya station.


White echinacea on balcony railing offers subtle garden glamour



I like flowers that are not so showy. This white echinacea draws attention and fits perfectly in a balcony railing mix of potted plants and vines. 

What would you draw on this young guy’s body?


この人の体に、あなたなら何を描きますか? 「Free paint」というサインを持って渋谷駅の前にいました。皆にマーカーで何かを描いてください、と言っていました。彼の足に「Eat me」と書きました。だれかが「バカ」と書いていましたが、かわいそうですね。「Eat me」の意味は何ですかと聞かれたので、やさしい招待ですと答えました。

At first, I wasn’t sure what he meant with his “FREE PAINT” sign outside Shibuya station on a warm summer day. He quickly invited me to photograph and to paint his body. When I wrote “eat me” on his leg, he asked about the meaning of this simple phrase. Someone had already written “stupid” on his shoulder, so maybe he was already strung by the cruelty of strangers. I explained that “eat me” was a friendly invitation to interaction. What would you draw on this young guy’s body?


Clematis lost to unusual August typhoon



Last weekend’s typhoon killed the clematis vine that had spread across the green curtain. It must have snapped close to the base.


Scorching heat doesn’t stop local parade



The local Shin Nakano matsuri was held on a scorching hot day with few spectators. That didn’t stop the portable shrine lifters, or the giant hand-painted banner guy.