Finally the mini-sunflowers bloomed, when I was away from Tokyo

やっとミニヒマワリが咲きましたが、残念ながら、東京に居ないときでした。シュー、写真を撮ってくれてありがとう。 Thanks, Shu, for taking this photo of the mini sunflowers, which I grew from seeds sent by Hiyoko from Europe.

Summer Balcony Details: Sunflower sprouts in ceramic pot

真夏の暑さが終わりましたが、これから夏のベランダのクローズアップの写真のシリーズをお見せします。写真は全部フィルムです。小さいスペースなのに楽しいです。これは種子から育てたヨーロッパのミニヒマワリです。 This is the start of my summer balcony details series. A close look at some of the flowers, foliage and edibles of summer. First, a pot of micro-sunflowers, grown from Hiyoko’s seeds from Europe. The leaves looks so fresh.

Sunflower blooms next to the road, outside the gardener’s property

このコーナーは家と歩道の境目にありますが、近所の方のおかげでいつもきれいな花が咲いています。 This sunflower is blooming in a tiny mound of dirt outside a neighbor’s house. I love how she maintains this corner and always offers some seasonal color to the passers-by.

Sidewalk sunflowers bloom in busy Shinjuku commercial corridor

新宿は、人工の照明ばかりなのに、この歩道のヒマワリが明るく見えます。区が植えたようではないです。誰がいつ植えたのでしょう。 I love these rogue sunflowers growing in the sidewalk of Shinjuku Dori, a busy commercial corridor. At night the flowers are brighter than all the artificial lights.

Suddenly, sunflowers already blooming in Tokyo

梅雨が終わったら、歩道で突然、ヒマワリが咲いています。新宿三丁目で。 As the rainy season officially ends, the temperature soars in Tokyo. Suddenly the sunflowers are already blooming. In Shinjuku 3 Chome.

Sunflowers blooming in fall outside JR station

十月にヒマワリを見たから、驚いた。日本に来たオランダの友達によると、アムステルダムはもう冬みたいだそうです。駅周りに小さい森を作るといいと思います。今のところ、このヒマワリたちが素敵な気晴らしになっています。 I was surprised to see these sunflowers blooming in late October. Dutch visitors @tanemaki2011 reminded me that in Europe it’s already early winter, with temperatures already reaching 0 degrees. For an Amsterdam resident, Tokyo fall is like summer yet better. There’s currently a lot of construction around the Nakano JR station, with new bus areas, […]

Mini sunflower in hand-made ceramic

手作りの植木鉢に入れたミニ・サンフラワーの写真を撮りました。友達の @cpalmieriの高度なカメラを借りて、最後のブログはLumix GF2を使いました。東京グリーン・スペースのプロジェクトのおかげで、写真への興味が深まりました。 I took some night and day shots of this mini sunflower inside a hand-made flowerpot in order to try out a more advanced camera. Plenty of close-ups had poor focus, light balance, and other problems of my making. Frankly the sophisticated camera’s Japanese language menu was overwhelming, but I like how these […]

Neighborhood sunflowers

I love how these sunflowers are growing at the intersection of two small streets, and how the round flowers echo the larger, convex street mirror. The flowers grow in a tiny scrap of soil just outside the wall around a residence. After preparing the image, I realized that I took a similar photo last year.

Sunflowers by Tokyo Metro station

Recently I was going into the Tokyo Metro station not far from my house, and I noticed a young woman spraying these blooming sunflowers. She explained she was killing bugs, and that she worked at the hair salon on the other side of this very random looking planting bed. I was very charmed that this […]


On a small street that connects my apartment to the station, I have noticed these tall sunflowers suddenly appear. They are growing in the tiny public space between a residential concrete block wall and the narrow street. The sunflowers occupy less space than the red JP mail box they stand over. Juxtaposed with the traffic […]