Break-time and waiting for the next jump


休憩時間に、次のジャンプを待っています。若いので、怖いもの知らずなのでしょうか? 見るだけで充分楽しかったです。

Does youth make these riders more fearless? Pedal Day also featured BMX jumping. It was fun to watch.


Would you lie down and let this crazy BMX rider jump over you?



More than 16 people lined up side by side on the ground, and allowed this crazy BMX rider to jump over them. Like bike rodeo, for me it was much more fun to watch and photograph than to risk injury. Sometimes watching is best.

jump4_pedal_day_yoyogi_park jump2_pedal_day_yoyogi_park

It’s like beer but better

ビールみたいだけれど、もっと美味しいと思います。「Bicycle Coffee」という自転車で運んでくるコーヒー売店はタップからコーヒーを出します。

I love how Bicycle Coffee in Tokyo serves coffee from a tap.

Would you mess with this guy at the bike rodeo?


モダンな中世の騎士みたいでしょう。初めて、「チャリローディー」を観察しました。ローディーには、頭に紙風船をつけて、巻いた新聞で相手の風船を打ち落とします。この「Pedal Day」というイベントは、いつもクリエイティブなMedia Surfが企画しました。

It was my first bike rodeo. It seems the idea is to put these paper balloons on your head, and then use a roll of newspaper to whack other competitors’ balloons. All while riding in a tight pen. This was in Yoyogi Park, organized by Media Surf as Pedal Day.


Fantastic bicycle pit stop at Little Nap Coffee Stand

自転車を乗っているときに、代々木公園の隣にあるLittle Nap Coffee Stand でよく充電します。おしゃれな僕のサービスステーションです。

Yoyogi Park is my preferred route to get anywhere in Tokyo by bike. Little Nap Coffee Stand next to the park is always a great place to re-charge. Closed Mondays.

Modern and baroque mix in narrow alley


One of my bike shortcuts.

Verdant summer green in Yoyogi Park



I love biking through Yoyogi Park on my way around the city. In summer, there are many shades of green and also cool shade.

Biking fast through asphalt and concrete corridors



For moving quickly through the city, nothing is faster than using a bike on the main boulevards. This intersection, in front of Opera City, is particularly ugly. I stick to the wide sidewalk on Yamate Dori.

Bicycle shop anniversary party in Yoyogi Park


 Blue Lug という幡ヶ谷の自転車の店は、4周年記念を代々木公園で祝いました。今、お店は私が7年前にサンフランシスコで買った自転車をオーバーホールしてくれています。楽しみにしています。

Congratulations on four years, Blue Lug. The Hatagaya shop is overhauling my 7 year old Sully bike that I brought from San Francisco. Amazingly, the bike repair guys know Freewheel, the store on Valencia Street where I bought it. They confirmed that Freewheel, and not me personally, had originally assembled the bike.