So many tiny fruit harvested in Tokyo backyard


ゆすらうめー3分の1 収穫しました。

These two bowls are just one third of the yusura plum’s harvest. It’s a small tree behind Kuge Crafts, and it produces a lot. Thanks to Yoshiko Kuge for the photo and explanation about her jam-making.

Tokyo Balcony Garden Press


Shu Kuge has shifted his art from comics to wood block prints, using the name Tokyo Balcony Garden Press. I love that the name references our Tokyo home. Above are some of the wood blocks he made this winter in Tokyo. Looking forward to spending the rest of spring and summer in Japan together.

In addition to his art work, Shu has also helped my consulting company, Social Models, with comics, personas, and mascots for corporate clients including Hitachi Design Division and Facebook. It’s been an amazing collaboration, with Shu’s comics going viral in my clients’ offices.