Making Friends heads to London with tanuki


Making Friends has been accepted for a tech-focused London conference on ethnography and business. This poster is a mash-up of real-time research, storytelling, and prank. Making Friends tests the boundaries of inter-species friendship while risking rejection and misunderstanding.

Please share this poster with anyone who might be interested. We are also seeking a design school, corporation, or other organization that would be interested in hosting a Making Friends talk, workshop, or consulting project.
Below we explain what Making Friends is about and the benefits for creativity, visual story-telling, and risk-taking. It also includes the anonymous conference reviews that are confused and appreciative. Thanks, as always, to my co-creator A Small Lab‘s Chris Berthelsen.
Click to enlarge, or download the 2 page PDF that  includes the poster, sponsor benefits, and anonymous conference reviews. Thanks for joining us in improving the world’s Making Friends abilities.

Tanuki says, Be a Good Neighbor


タヌキさんは仲よくしようと言っています。喧嘩より、どんなかたちでもいいから、愛情のほうがいいと思います。イラストは天才Luis Mendoさんのです。

Why fight over barren islands? Why dream of racial purity and long-gone patriarchy? Why resist the urge to get to know each other?

Another brilliant tanuki poster from Luis Mendo. In a time of rising conflict between Japan and its closest neighbors, tanuki offers his enormous balls as a physical bridge and shared space for international, inter-species, and multi-sexual dancing and frolicking.

It’s time for truth, reconciliation, and love!

Fresh off electoral defeat, tanuki hosts Santanuki party in Koenji this Friday. Please come.


金曜日、12月21日、20時半から、タヌキのサンタさんと、パーティをしましょう。高円寺のDynamoで待っています。プレセントがいっぱいですよ〜。@dynamo_koenji に感謝です。

Please come to Tanuki’s first ever Koenji Xmas party this Friday at Dynamo, a skate-board bar with felafel! Thanks @dynamo_koenji.

Friday, December 21, from 8.30 pm

Koenji Kita 3-1-1, Asahi building 1F

Dynamo’s website


Tanuki heats up ginkgo nuts and serves hot coffee next to the Yamanote line


Tanuki offers visitors from the Netherlands warm gingko nuts and hot espresso on a cold night in Yoyogi.

Is Tanuki party the only one calling for immediate end to nuclear power?



Another Tanuki Party campaign poster spotted in front of a Nakano elementary school.


Tanuki Party campaign posters are already appearing everywhere



Spotted yesterday in Tokyo. This new Tanuki Party offers more love, less isolation.

Tanuki goes for a swim at the Netherlands embassy in Tokyo

オランダ大使館で、タヌキさんが泳いでいます。「Still City」というワークショップのオープニング・パーティーです。

Tanuki san made a splash during the Still City workshop, a Dutch-Japan exploration of post-growth urban life.


Vote Tanuki Party, for next leader of Japan



More love, less isolation. Golden balls, not nuclear rods. A better future for everyone.

Tanuki offers taxi driver some scrotal treats


Ever friendly tanuki wants to share the bounty from his scrotum with a passing taxi driver. The gift was not accepted.

Which part is most useful for making friends? Tanuki makes guest appearance at morning story-telling


S.C.R.O.T.U.M.‘s Chris Berthelsen spreads the word of inter-species friendship to a local elementary school and leaves a gift of a large format picture book for future reference. We were impressed by the teacher’s acceptance of our presentation of inter-species friendship, and her enthusiasm to make it top news in “this week’s newsletter”. Not many families, and (I think) zero fathers take part in the tradition of ‘morning storytelling’. They’re all too busy. Hopefully the positive write up will encourage them to take a morning off from their work.

The book itself is a one-off production – a quickly printed out selection of S.C.R.O.T.U.M’s Animal Architecture submission with Jess Mantell, and Jared’s “Making Friends” photo montage. We were inspired by the enthusiasm of the children and their incisive questions, especially “so what part of the body does the female tanuki use to make friends?”. We are now in an ongoing (and legal) study with this bright 8 year old girl.

Happy birthday, Tanuki-san!

たぬきの日常は六本木でsexy ladyと遊んだり、オランダ大使館で裸になったり、よるは皇族の迎賓館でのんびりしている。そんなステキな生活をおくっているたぬきさんの誕生会は、やっぱりファミリーレストランココスだ。ビーフハンバーグステーキ(Aセット・パン)とメロンソーダでお腹いっぱいになったたぬきさんは幸せだ・・・・・
たぬきさん、お誕生日おめでとう!In everyday life Tokyo Tanuki shares snacks with sexy laydees in Roppongi, gets naked at the Royal Dutch Embassy, and hangs out at the Imperial State Guest House at night.  For his birthday though he regains power by taking it easy at the local Coco’s Family Restaurant – imbibing copious amounts of melon soda and scoffing hamburger steak and cheese cake. This souvenir photo will be on display at Akishima Coco’s for the month of November. Thanks to the local staff, and God Bless マニュアル化.

Happy Birthday Tanuki!

Tanuki visits the imperial State Guest House at nite. You can visit the garden tomorrow during the day.


You can spot tanuki’s tail sticking out of the guard house at this imperial entrance. Through Saturday, November 3, Culture Day in Japan, the Geihin-kan, or State Guest house, will open its garden to the public. It’s about 100 yards south and slightly west of the Yotsuya station in Moto-Akasaka. I will not pass up the opportunity to enter a vast and well groomed garden that is not normally open to the public. I am curious who will show up.

You can offer candy to strangers, but . . .


You can offer candy to strangers, but you can’t make them eat it. Sexy lady quickly rejects tanuki’s gift. Outside of Azabu-juban station. Let’s Welcome Tanuki Back to Tokyo.

Let’s welcome Tanuki back to Tokyo

タヌキさん、東京にお帰りなさい。「Making Friends(友達を作る)」は、東京メトロで起こった違う種類の生物同士の出会いでした。

Making Friends was a true, inter-species encounter in the Tokyo Metro. Click to enlarge.

Distrust turned to Avoidance, then Curiosity, Connect, Reverse, and Unite. For more on S.C.R.O.T.U.M. see my article with Chris from A Small Lab and Jess from Edoble on This Big City.