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Fur matching and remodeling, still available on 29th Street

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What is the occasion for “fur matching”? When you’ve burned a cigar hole in the sleeve? I also wonder what “fur remodeling” includes: a wash and set, deep conditioner, brushing and blow drying, scissors and thread, or what?

It’s like beer but better

ビールみたいだけれど、もっと美味しいと思います。「Bicycle Coffee」という自転車で運んでくるコーヒー売店はタップからコーヒーを出します。

I love how Bicycle Coffee in Tokyo serves coffee from a tap.

Fantastic bicycle pit stop at Little Nap Coffee Stand

自転車を乗っているときに、代々木公園の隣にあるLittle Nap Coffee Stand でよく充電します。おしゃれな僕のサービスステーションです。

Yoyogi Park is my preferred route to get anywhere in Tokyo by bike. Little Nap Coffee Stand next to the park is always a great place to re-charge. Closed Mondays.

Nakano Broadway is overflowing with stuff



So many collectibles, so many shops, and so many rental booths for the micro-sellers. Seeing so much stuff makes me want to edit my possessions at home.


No better place to beat the heat than Nakano Broadway



A perfect escape from sweaty Tokyo summer days. Such a funny mix of art, fantasy and fandom, with a random steam train tribute this month.

My friend Shige tends his sidewalk garden on a busy street


友達のシゲが大きな道路沿いの歩道の庭を世話しています。お店はFloris Hirokoといって、シゲさんはよく国連大学の前のファーマーズマーケットで花や植木を販売しています。

Shige works at a flower shop called Floris Hiroko, and he often sells flowers at the UNU farmers market.

My banana tree came from this sidewalk flower shop



In Nakano, of course. I carried the tree home.