Welcome Tanuki Back to Tokyo is a project of S.C.R.O.T.U.M. We aim to promote inter-species love, generosity, and magic by making Tokyo hospitable again for this mythic and real animal. Tanuki’s scrotal sack transforms into countless urban, agricultural, and communal tools. Learn more about Let’s Welcome Tanuki Back to Tokyo in This Big City blog, co-written with Chris Berthelsen and Jessica Mantell. Illustrations by Luis Mendo!

makingfriends_shibaurahouse_handout copy



タヌキさん、東京にお帰りなさい。「Making Friends(友達を作る)」は、東京メトロで起こった違う種類の生物同士の出会いでした。

Making Friends was a true, inter-species encounter in the Tokyo Metro.

Tanuki0002_medium noda_tanuki_campaignposters vote_for_tanuki_--------

Running for next leader of Japan. More love, less isolation. Golden balls, not nuclear rods. A better future for everyone.

迎賓館で。At State Guesthouse.



Tanuki offers candy to strangers, but people ignore him. Check out this 2 minute video.

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