I appreciate camellias for their indestructible and garish winter color


Camellias can be seen everywhere during Tokyo’s winter.

I am not a fan of winter, so I particularly appreciate camellia’s for proving indestructible color in bright pink on the coldest days. Whether pruned into a hedge, or placed in a plastic container, camellias are resilient to snow and require minimal care. The neighbor’s camellia has turned into a 5 meter tall tree.

balcony_city_winter_flowers_nakano_home camellia_balcony_closeup_nakano_home camellia_balcony_nakano_home camellia_balcony_snow_nakano_home neighbor_camellia_winter_nakano

Melting snow and white camellias in four season garden


Ishii-san’s garden nearby always look good, in all seasons. With the snow melting, a family enjoys walking down the street.

Snow piled up on balcony flowers, but everything survived storm


Last month, the snow covered the balcony plants. Somehow all the flowers and vegetables survived this heavy snow.

Snowfall behind the dormant green curtain


A heavy snowfall last month briefly slowed down the city and produced an unusual quiet. I loved seeing how fast it accumulated.

Rare summer view of Mount Fuji


Summer’s humid haze often blocks views of Mount Fuji. It’s amazing to see the last bits of snow on the volcano.

Tokyo palm tree looks desolate in heavy snowfall


I love how this sad parking lot palm tree looks especially desolate in snow. Leap Day, 2012.

Thick gobs of snow pile up on plum blossoms


When it snows, it seems as if Tokyo is a city of black and white. Recently I posted a photo of this plum tree at night. Just as the blossoms are peaking, thick gobs of snow magnify the tree’s shape.

Leap Day, 2012.

Leap Day snow falling on the Sobu line train


Leap Day in Tokyo saw a surprising amount of snow, falling in large gobs from the sky and from roofs. Someone tipped me off that the trains are less impacted than the underground subway, and that snow slows the city less than rain. I took photos of a routine trip from my home.

The snow helped me see Tokyo again from a fresh perspective.

White daisies brighten up balcony garden in winter


I am drawn to white flowers for winter gardening. They evoke snow, and also add brightness to the cold days.

Snow begins to cover Mount Fuji

寒い季節は、空が澄んでいることが多いです 。今富士山にはいっぱい雪があります。あけましておめでとう。

The cold weather brings clear skies. You can watch as the snow gradually starts out as icing on Mount Fuji, and then covers it entirely for winter.

Happy new year!

Snowing in my neighborhood


Yesterday, Tokyo was covered in snow briefly. Large, fluffy flakes everywhere. These photos are from my neighborhood before heading to work and school.

[March 7, 2011, in Nakano].