The mailbox, buzzer and family name are all that’s left after Nakano demolition



This is the end of the demolition series. I took this photo with my iPhone as I was leaving Nakano for a trip to San Francisco on September 1. I am curious whether the mailbox will still be there later this week when I return.

Giving a talk at the Portland Japanese Garden


I am very excited to travel to the Portland Japanese Garden next week as part of their Urban Green program. My good friend Kobyashi Kenji, of Tokyo’s Sinajina, will be leading a bonsai-making workshop on May 24, and opening his bonsai exhibit on the 26th. As part of the opening, I will give a talk on Greening Tokyo after Tohoku.

It’s a great honor to participate in the excellent cultural programming at the Portland Japanese Garden, and to explore connections between two global cities whose residents are reinventing urban life for the 21st century. If you know anyone in Portland, please let them know about these events! Thank you.