Camellia has red-tinged new leafs



This camellia has survived in a small pot for many years. Since the photo was taken, I realize it’s already setting buds for winter.

Suddenly, sunflowers already blooming in Tokyo


As the rainy season officially ends, the temperature soars in Tokyo. Suddenly the sunflowers are already blooming. In Shinjuku 3 Chome.

Tanuki Party campaign posters are already appearing everywhere



Spotted yesterday in Tokyo. This new Tanuki Party offers more love, less isolation.

Balcony jasmine is already blooming


Our balcony jasmine just started blooming this weekend. It’s early, isn’t it? The balcony is already filling up with this sweet scent.

This potted jasmine is growing behind the washing machine and up onto the net that will again support our summer green curtain. It hardly went dormant in the winter.

I planted this jasmine last year in a fairly small pot. While I thought it might bloom last year, it never did. It can be hard to know how long to wait when a plant doesn’t grow well at first, especially if you have a limited space like an apartment balcony. This time, I am glad I was patient.