More balcony garden layers: flower, herb, ceramic flowerpot, houseplant


The small size of my balcony garden means that each plant is always juxtaposed with others. In the center is a pink flower from an annual that’s lasted two years already and whose name I’ve forgotten. It’s in a white ceramic pot I made, and next to the basil I’ve been eating all summer. The broad leaf is a bird of paradise houseplant that is spending some time outdoors after becoming an ant magnet.

Bug Research and Urban Biodiversity

Via Twitter’s @tzuchiya, I discovered this amazing image and interactive feature in Seed Magazine that explains the toolkit of urban entomologist James Danoff-Burg. The Columbia University professor uses low-tech tools to investigate urban insects, including beetles and invasive ants. One surprising discovery: New York’s urban biodiversity correlates not with plant mass but with garbage.