Tokyo Tower at sunset, rising above thick canopy of trees

今年はスカイツリーが注目を集めているが、東京タワーもまだきれいな建物です。 芝公園から見ると、この素敵な木の上からそびえています。

Sky Tree is getting all the attention this year. But Tokyo Tower remains a beautiful structure. I especially like seeing it from leafy Shiba Koen with its magnificent trees.

Striped bamboo makes geometric ground cover


I love this short variegated bamboo. Today was a sunny and cold winter day. While crossing Shinjuku Gyoen, this vivid pattern stole my attention.

More fake flowers and leaves

Fall leaves at the supermarket

I have posted before with some sympathy for how ordinary Tokyo people express their desire for public, urban nature, even with fake flowers and real ivy in plastic bottle containers in such unlikely places as a Metro men’s room. I have more ambivalent feelings about the widespread retailing use of fake leaves to signal fall.

Above is a photo from my neighborhood supermarket. Is nature not signaling seasons clearly enough? Are plastic plants the best the supermarket can do to mark seasons. What about seasonal foods and vegetables? Are these leaves stored, washed, and brought out the next year?

Pachinko fake flowers

The second image is from a neighborhood pachinko parlor. This one mixes an abundance of fake flowers and sexy female imagery to attract attention and customers. I have a feeling that these flowers might have looked better when first installed, and that they may remain next to the Metro station for many more years to come.

Sidewalk flowers celebrate ramen shop opening

Sidewalk flowers celebrate ramen shop opening

Whenever a small business opens in Tokyo, there is a floral explosion outside as the shop owners’ friends and vendors provide enormous flower displays as a show of support and celebration. It also functions to draw the public’s attention to the new business. What an exuberance of color and quantity.