What kind of message is “Do not frighten others” at the beach?


鎌倉と逗子の新しいビーチのルールの中に、「人が怖がることはしない」がありますが、とても曖昧では? 刺青を禁止する新しいルールをすでに破っている人が多いを見て、嬉しかったです。それから、日本で「飲み過ぎる」というコンセプトはあるのでしょうか。

Revised beach rules in Kamakura and Zushi include new signs with absurd rules, including cover tattoos and do not drink too much. I was happy to see the tattoo rule being flaunted, and really, in alcohol-soaked Japan, who is going to define “drink too much”? The “Do not frighten others” is the most ambiguous.

A hazy day at the beach in Enoshima



I also attended a large beach party In East Enoshima, in Kanagawa. It’s very picturesque, but the water was not so clean.

Is it safe to go into the ocean? Probably not, but . . .



In the heat of August, who can resist a visit to the ocean? Despite the on-going revelations about nuclear leaks, the ocean is irresistible. This is Onjuku in lower Chiba. Below is the river that passes near the station. The tall skinny palms remind me of California.


Stylish Tokyo dog in a wetsuit on Ogasawara’s Miyanohama beach



I had a nice chat with this dog’s owner at Miyanohama beach. It turns out she lives 1 or 2 kilometers from me here in Tokyo. Her orange windbreaker was almost as stylish as this incredible dog wetsuit. I think he needs a surf board. In March, the water is still cold so I guess this is also practical.

Rice field at sunset in Onjuku, Chiba, near the ocean


I took this image on the Onjuku station platform, waiting to take the express train back to Tokyo. After spending the afternoon on the beach, the sight of the deep green rice fields was a happy image to bring back to the city.

Lone pine in beach parking lot


Miura Kaigan is at the bottom of Tokyo Bay, and easily reachable by train from Shinagawa. Another cool spot to relax during the heat of summer.

The beach is a fast train ride away in Chiba


I love how this row of skinny palm trees greets visitors to Onjuku, Chiba right from the station. They look like Mexican fan palms (washingtonia robusta) which are very common in California.

Onjuku is an 80 minute ride on the express train, and the beach is a 10 minute walk away. It’s great to visit the beach even for an afternoon. The trip by train is also fun. I love to see the port buildings and activities.

Wildlife pets on parade near Odaiba beach


One of the unexpected pleasures of visiting Odaiba was exploring the close-knit community of exotic pet owners on the lawn just across from the artificial beach. We met an enormous Ethiopian turtle and two families of prairie dogs.

I confess that my joy for growing plants does not confer any insight into pet ownership. I personally prefer plants over animals when it comes to extra-species cohabitation. Still, I was amazed at the owners’ love for their pets and also the public spectacle they create. The pets are both extra-human companions and also intermediaries for meeting strangers of all ages.