Banana tree offers a tropical vibe on a narrow Tokyo balcony

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On our Tokyo balcony, late summer clouds, Edo-style morning glory, New Zealand flax, and a banana tree are a mix of Pacific Ocean geographies.

Fall clouds float by in big puffs towards Mount Fuji



This is the view towards the west, towards the mountains and away from Tokyo Bay. Fall clouds are the best. My husband Shu took this film photo and a few others when I was in San Francisco.

Snap pea flowers on balcony match clouds above cityscape


I’ve been eating balcony-harvested snap peas for the last few months. This year, I grew them from seed. They are a great choice when you have no space.

Dramatic view down Ome Kaido towards Nakano Sakaue


I love the dramatic clouds, and how Nakano Sakaue beams with light and activity. The building in the southwest corner of the main intersection has an awesome, transparent erector-set spine in the middle of two office columns.

Ome Kaido is one of west Tokyo’s oldest and longest streets. In its current incarnation, it is six auto lanes wide and the fastest route between Shinjuku and Ogikubo. Underneath is the Marunouchi Metro line.

Dramatic clouds and Mount Fuji


Fall brings clear skies and dramatic clouds. How come the top looks like a natural wonder and the city below is littered with antennas, utility poles, and a giant incinerator?