CNN on Tokyo’s green streets and vertical gardens

CNNのインタビューです。みんなが小さな緑をたくさん作って、東京生活を楽しくしています。路地と区役所のイノベーションについて話しました。@KyungLahCNN さん、 ありがとうございます。

CNN broadcast their interview with me about how neighborhood gardens make Tokyo life so enjoyable. Focus on small green streets & local government innovations. Thanks @KyungLahCNN

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CNN crew in front of Suginami’s giant green curtain


CNN’s crew interviewed me yesterday for their Eco Solutions program. We took a walk through Suginami, looking at fruit trees, sidewalk gardens, Shinto shrines, and the back lanes where school children, seniors and bicyclists outnumber cars. I am not sure that some of these “small” green spaces were considered television worthy by the producers. However, the CNN crew was incredibly impressed by Suginami’s giant green curtain.

If you want to check it out, the green curtain will be in front of the Suginami Ward Office until October 15. It’s right next to the Marunouchi Minami Asagaya station. I’ll post a link to the CNN program when it airs next month.

Tokyo Green Space has been featured in a lot of global media recently, including:

Here are two additional images of Suginami’s giant green curtain, taken by architect James Lambiasi in late September.