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Onward in Tatsumi, a place for transit


Leaving the Tatsumi Metro station, I cross over one highway on a pedestrian bridge, while passing below several elevated highways intersecting with flyovers.

This Onward sign on top of a warehouse feels like a personal extortion to move through this jumble of smog and burning fuels. Onward also seems to capture this part of Tokyo’s role as a place of distribution by ship and tractor trailer. In this frenzy of “logistics,” I always wonder what’s being transported and to whom.

Fortunately, the trees planted decades ago muffle the noise somewhat, and part of this marginal land is used as a park, community vegetable garden, and Olympic level swimming pool.

Community vegetable garden in Shimo Takaido

Community vegetable garden in Shimo Takaido

On my way to a house-warming party last weekend, I passed this large and very full community vegetable garden in Shimo Takaido, near the Kami-Kitazawa station. I have not seen many of these in Tokyo, yet this large plot seems very popular and intensively planted. It would be great to get a tour of this community garden, and to find others.

Community vegetable garden in Shimo Takaido

Tsukishima: green wall on senior center

Tsukushima: green wall on senior center

Near the Tsukishima riverbank community garden, there is a mid-rise senior center with two simple green wall of ivy. I wonder why it’s not fuller, and whether they are using rainwater capture. Or do the residents or staff water the small pots on each outdoor hallway.

Tsukushima: green wall on senior center