Community Herb Garden

Photographs and slides from Shibaura House’s Community Herb Garden event


I’ve posted the photographs and slides from my recent talk at Shibaura House‘s Community Herb Garden event. My purpose was to encourage city residents to plant herbs because they are easy to grow and have many uses (culinary, cocktails, tea, scent, butterfly attractors).

Newly planted herbs at Shibaura House kick-off event



This is a photo from Shibaura House‘s Community Herb Garden project kick-off. I love the bird house planters, and the fact that the large wooden planters have hidden wheels to make the garden easily reconfigurable. Thanks to so many friends who came to the event!

Speaking and planting at Shibaura House’s kick off event May 25 for “Community Herb Garden” project


今年も芝浦ハウスは、素敵な妹島 和世さんがデザインしたモダン文化センターで野菜やハーブを育てています。今年で二年目です。今年のテーマは「コミュニティー・ハーブ・ガーデン」です。キックオフとなる5月25日は、13時から16時まで、団塚 栄喜という有名な日本ランドスケープ・デザイナーと一緒に、トークイベントとハーブ・ガーデンづくりを実施いたします。定員は20人、費用は1000円。芝浦ハウスのサイトで、是非申し込んでください

For the second year, Shibaura House is planting edibles in its handsome glass and steel culture center designed by Sejima Kazuyo. This year’s theme is Community Herb Garden.

I’ve been asked back for the kick off event on Saturday May 25, from 1 pm to 4 pm. I’ll be talking with one of my Japanese landscape design heroes, Danzuka Eiki (団塚 栄喜), and afterwards we’ll join the participants in planting an herb garden.

Space is limited to 20 people, so please register on Shibaura House’s site if you’d like to participate. The cost is 1000 yen. (The event is in Japanese, but I think language should not be a barrier).