What a color! An ugly view of river in Shiba below the freeway


Is there anything alive in this river? Cutting through Shiba in Minato-ku, it’s covered by the Shuto freeway and cut off from the street with a chain link fence. What a color!

50 plus cactuses kept by local real estate office


Near the gallery where the Shiho ceramic show is held each year, there’s a small real estate office with an amazing collection of at least 50 cactuses. This year, I noticed that when it rains the realtor brings most of them inside, and covers a few outside with plastic.

The office definitely has more cactuses than customers. I am delighted by this plant lover’s dedication. When it’s cold, he brings many in for the night. Given how heavy and thorny the plants are, he’s obviously very dedicated to his passion.

Rose-covered homeware shop in Nishi Ogikubo

I love this rose-covered homeware shop in Nishi Ogikubo. It’s near an antique shop owned by a friend of the family. By June of each year, it is covered in gorgeous blooms. I particularly like the natural look of climbing roses (versus tea roses). The side view is even more exuberant!