Costume company has hanami party in Yoyogi Koen


A costume company had a big hanami party in Yoyogi Koen. There was a ninja, crocodile, lion, bear, rabbit, and frog.

NYC takes steps to allow urban beekeeping

Just read in PSFK that New York City has taken the first step to allow urban beekeeping. I was surprised to learn that the ban on bees in the city also includes crocodiles, lions and pit vipers. And that this ban was introduced little more than ten years ago by Mayor Rudy Giuliani, with a $2,000 fine.

It is also interesting that the original report is from the Discovery Channel website, providing the surprise of a major cable network discussing the importance of bees for pollinating food and their decline due to pesticides, climate change, and other “man-made impacts.” In any case, it’s great to see urban beekeeping going mainstream.