farmer’s market

Bicycle coffee brings Oakland business to Tokyo’s farmers market


I like the simplicity of the concept and logo: hand-roasted coffee from sustainable farms, delivered by bicycle. I love the gear motif in the pour-through ceramic. The concept is from Oakland, California.

This farmers market seller stands behind his product


I like to shock Japanese friends by skipping rice, sometimes. This Aoyama farmers market seller clearly has another opinion.

Jumbo sizes in shocking colors at farmers market



I bought a red daikon because I’d never seen it before. It tastes good in soup.

Where the soup comes from. The weekend farmers market.



This fall I started going to the farmers market every week. Usually by bike, and sometimes meeting my friend Luis. This beautifully arranged stall is where I stop first to pick up turnips, carrots with their leaves still attached, green and red peppers, yuzu, lemons, celery, and sweet potatoes. At United Nations University farmers market, in Aoyama, which is open every Saturday and Sunday.

Gorgeous lettuce shows edibles can be very ornamental in small spaces


How do you have room to grow food on a small balcony? I particularly love edibles that are also super ornamental. This lettuce looks and tastes great! It’s from the United Nations University farmers market stall that specializes in heirloom vegetables. It’s been easy to grow during winter.

US Interlude

New York City window garden

I recently returned to Tokyo from a trip to the US that included a formal meeting with my fellowship sponsor and visits to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York.

In the US, urban ecology initiatives seem particularly strong at the municipal government and individual levels. In the photo above, I spotted an amazing formal garden extending on one side of second floor apartment. Perhaps the plants are kept small to preserve light and views from inside.

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