flower shop

My friend Shige tends his sidewalk garden on a busy street


友達のシゲが大きな道路沿いの歩道の庭を世話しています。お店はFloris Hirokoといって、シゲさんはよく国連大学の前のファーマーズマーケットで花や植木を販売しています。

Shige works at a flower shop called Floris Hiroko, and he often sells flowers at the UNU farmers market.

My banana tree came from this sidewalk flower shop



In Nakano, of course. I carried the tree home.

Simple sidewalk flower shop near Nakano station


I get many of my cut and potted flowers at this old-fashioned florist near Nakano station. I love how the shop casually spills out onto the sidewalk.

Blueberry bush with fruit for sale at Marunouchi flower shop


This gorgeous blueberry plant, full of perfect fruits, is being sold at Marunouchi flower shop. I love how it’s getting more common to use edibles as decorative landscape.

Cosmos is a fall flower in Tokyo


Did you know that cosmos are a fall flower in Tokyo? You see them everywhere this time of year, so I picked up this one from my neighborhood flower shop. This fall my garden has a lot of pink (roses, fujibakama), deep blue (Okinawa morning glory, lavendar, salvia), and white and yellow (pansies, marigold, geranium). The blueberry bush leaves are also turning red and gold.