Making Friends successful encounter on Shibaura sidewalk, before being stopped by plainclothes policeman



Tanuki received many types of responses walking the streets of Shibaura. I like this guy’s face as he holds onto the umaibo salty snack given by tanuki. Tanuki also gave some masks to kids leaving school. A less friendly encounter was the plainclothes policemen who told us that there are had been many disturbing reports of foreigners coming and taking photos of school children. He looked like a normal 30 year old on a bike, until he flashed his badge. Fortunately, tanuki was not detained this time!

Tanuki finds double-takes, rejection, and friendly souls outside Shibaura House

.@ShibauraHouse の辺りでは、タヌキがいつもとちがう反応を受けました。

A few people did a double take when they spotted tanuki taking a nap in the small wild space in front of Shibaura House. Tanuki shows how his 4 meter scrotal shade can quickly be turned into a blanket for anytime napping.

Below he approaches a glass office tower, but there’s no response. Nearby office workers avoided eye contact, but delivery men and laborers were happy to accept an umaibo salty snack and chat with tanuki.

More photos coming from the film developer soon. Many thanks to A Small Lab‘s Chris and everyone at Shibaura House.  IMG_2058 IMG_2048

Happy birthday, Tanuki-san!

たぬきの日常は六本木でsexy ladyと遊んだり、オランダ大使館で裸になったり、よるは皇族の迎賓館でのんびりしている。そんなステキな生活をおくっているたぬきさんの誕生会は、やっぱりファミリーレストランココスだ。ビーフハンバーグステーキ(Aセット・パン)とメロンソーダでお腹いっぱいになったたぬきさんは幸せだ・・・・・
たぬきさん、お誕生日おめでとう!In everyday life Tokyo Tanuki shares snacks with sexy laydees in Roppongi, gets naked at the Royal Dutch Embassy, and hangs out at the Imperial State Guest House at night.  For his birthday though he regains power by taking it easy at the local Coco’s Family Restaurant – imbibing copious amounts of melon soda and scoffing hamburger steak and cheese cake. This souvenir photo will be on display at Akishima Coco’s for the month of November. Thanks to the local staff, and God Bless マニュアル化.

Happy Birthday Tanuki!

Rice field at sunset in Onjuku, Chiba, near the ocean


I took this image on the Onjuku station platform, waiting to take the express train back to Tokyo. After spending the afternoon on the beach, the sight of the deep green rice fields was a happy image to bring back to the city.

Commemorating Japan suspending nuclear power on May 6, 2012


The day after Japan suspended operations at the last nuclear plant, there was a celebration in Koenji that involved speeches, protest signs, marching, music, and fun costumes. Unfortunately, as soon as the march began, there was incredible hail and wind. Nonetheless, it was a happy parade throughout Koenji.

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Tree full of giant purple flowers


Coming out of the Todaimae station on my way to teach at the University of Tokyo, this tree full of giant purple flowers makes me very happy.